The Top 5 Communities in Chiang Mai

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The Top 5 Communities in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, a city whose popularity has increased exponentially over the past 10 years. Many people have heard of this alluring city in the north of Thailand and are curious about what exactly draws so many people there. I have lived in this beautiful city for about 8 months and from my personal experience, can say that it lives up to its reputation. (if you know which communities to join) 

1) Hiking groups Chiang Mai

The nature surrounding Chiang Mai is breathe taking with diverse mountain landscapes mixing effortlessly with dense tropical jungles. The proximity of hiking trails to the city makes day trips to mountains and hidden waterfalls very accessible. This was one of the main draws for me since I love being active outside. Many of these hikes are great to do solo as a way to escape into solitude and reflection. On the other side, the number of hiking groups in Chiang Mai gives you the option to find friends to go hiking with every weekend!

chaing mai hiking group

A group I went hiking up the Doi Suthep mountain with. I had some really good conversations and met a few other people my age who were staying in Chiang Mai long term. 

Facebook is the home place for most online groups so make sure you have access to your account. The Facebook group I joined was called “Chiang Mai “Walk and Talk.” I will link the Facebook group to the bottom for easy access but you can also do a simple sear of “Hiking in Chiang Mai” and you will find everything you need! What I liked about this group is that they organized transportation for you with little red busses to and from the hiking trail. It makes it very easy for people who don’t have motor bikes and the price is very reasonable.

Aside from Facebook, I was also invited to a mega-WhatsApp group chat that had 800+ people! Every weekend about 30 or so people would get together and hike a new part of the surrounding nature. I’ll add the link right below this so you can join too(if its still active). If you are a nature junkie like me, Chiang Mai is your city! 


2) Language exchanges

If you’ve ever read any of my other posts, you know how much I rave about language exchanges. They are such a great way to connect with people from all over the world in an environment that doesn’t require you to know anyone. The top place I recommend going to is the Moat House. They have a great rooftop bar with plenty of tables and a very open atmosphere. I’ve made some good local friends here and actually learned a bit of Thai! There are a few other places that are popping up around the city too so I will post the Facebook group for Language exchanges below.

The Moat House usually host the exchanges every Tuesday from 7-930pm. 


Chiang Mai Yoga

One of the epicenters of yoga in the world, Chiang Mai has a vibrant and diverse yoga community. While you are here, you have to check out “Yoga In the Park.” Everyday from 7:30-10:30am Nong Buak Haad Public Park hosts free yoga classes and workshops. You can rent yoga mats there for only 10 baht. The park itself is work of art and the yoga platform is suspended over a huge Koi pond. Its an absolutely beautiful experience, but… very popular! You have to get their at least 15-20 minutes before class starts to get a good space.

The classes are usually 1.5 hours long and beginner friendly. After class I recommend staying for about 15 minutes longer and starting a conversation with some other yogis. This community is very open and you could break into some really cool niches if you meet the right people. So linger a bit and make some new friends. 🙂


Tango class I went to every Friday. I made so many friends there!

Dance Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai has a lively and very active dance community. I know dance takes a bit of courage to get into but trust me, its such a great way to meet people! I actually started learning Tango in Chiang Mai with no previous dance experience at all. The laughs and awkwardness is part of the fun so embrace it and get outside your comfort zone. 

You can take free classes every weekend on the fourth floor of One Nimman. These classes are set up in two sections, one side is for absolute beginners with no experience and the other is for intermediate to advanced. At the moment Wednesdays are Bachata, Fridays are Tango, Saturdays are Swing and Sundays are Salsa. They start around 8pm and usually get a diverse crowd of people from all age groups!

Open Mic Night at Free Bird Cafe.

Open Mic Nights

Open Mics are a great way to meet really interesting people and appreciate the different talents they have to share. There are plenty of open mics in Chiang Mai but my favorite is hosted by Freebird Cafe. The atmosphere here is super relaxed and comfortable. They do a really good job of making the space feel like a mini community.

They host the Open Mics every Wednesday at 7pm and it usually draws a really nice and down to earth crowd. Freebird also host many other events throughout the week too so definitely check out their Instagram for more information!


Thankyou for reading and I hope you found some useful information from this post! What I make is for you, the ambitious traveler who braves the cities of world solo. Remember, you can Find Friends Anywhere!

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