The Old Man with a Devil on his Back- Camino De Santiago

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The Old Man with a Devil on his Back- Camino De Santiago

Day 4 of 33

Main idea: Even though you walk up the stairway to heaven, remember that the devil hides in your backpack.

The morning started with the familiar aches in my feet, legs and back. At this time in my journey, I was still walking the kilometers mostly alone. My mind was fresh and looking for revelations.. revelations, I found.

As I came up a long ascent, I saw a sillouht of a rather unique looking character. As I approached closer to this figure I was stunned to see that he was was dressed in a button down white shirt, brown corduroy pants and “cabbie cap.” The only thing that seemed appropriate for this trek were his torn up black hiking boots.

without moving a muscle to acknowledge that I was there, he said in a “Buenos Dias.” Caught off guard by this break in the airs silence I stumbled over the words “uhh oh buenoos uh dias.” Now right next to this man, I realized how short he was. Truly a small person in size but as he finally turned his head to look at me, his gaze was monumentus, a piercing stare that told of the ___ thoughts that were just playing in his head. That intensity lasted but an instant and a warmness surround the man and a mischievous smile changed his countenance.

Sensing that I was a forienger he turned to his spanish accente english, half jokingly he said “what are you doing here” Sensing the humor in his voice, i returned the sarcasm with “walking” and a simple smile. “vamonos” he said and we started walking together

I couldn’t quite grasp the mans age, he was old but also

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